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I've been a customer of Lee's almost since it was open. My grandparents owned a beachfront house at Garden City and I spent summers there from the time I was born. On our summer trips dining at Lee's was always a well-anticipated treat. Since 1973, I've only been able to visit the area a handful of time (this coming weekend will be one) but each visit includes dining at Lee's as often as possible during the stay. Keep up the great work! ;-) - Bill Russell

:D Our family loves Lee's Kitchen! My husband has been coming since he was a child and now we bring our children. The everything is wonderful but the fried seafood perfect! We were there last week and I can't wait to get back! - Jimmy & Kim Gardner

:D I haven't been to Lee's Kitchen in years (around 1982 was the last time) but the memories are good enough that I was telling my son about how good the food was. My Dad introduced me to Lee's around 1954 - it was his favorite restaurant. He lived in Murrell's Inlet and Garden City for several years before he died and would always take us out to eat at Lee's Kitchen! Great Place - I'll have to make a special trip just to eat there again. Glad to see it's still "in the family." - Jim Willis

:rolleyes: it was a great place but there should have been a better service - sanm

While on vacation last year in North Myrtle Beach, my wife and I decided to go out for a seafood dinner. The resturant we decided on, offered a seafood platter with the chef's choice fish of the day. I asked the waitress what the chef's choice was for that evening, to which she replied Tilapia. I informed the waitress that Tilapia is a native fish of Israel and that in the wild they feed on algea. I asked if they offered flounder to which the waitress replied Tilapia was all they offered. My wife and I politely left the resturant. I grew up in Georgetown, SC and I remembered how great the seafood was at Lee's Inlet Kitchen. We had to drive out of our way to get there, but it was well worth it. We have been back several times since then. I would recommend to anyone, no matter where they are staying on the Grand Strand to make the drive to Lee's Inlet Kitchen in Murrells Inlet. - Devon Tindal

Yum Yum,Lees is a must stop. Will be there in two weeks, - Tom

Son of T. O. Lee, a cousin of Eford Lee, from this side of the family to yours - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! - Leon T. Lee

I have coordinated a beach vacation with two of my brothers/wifes, two sisters/husbands at Surfside Beach. It's our first family vacation and we are looking forward to the time together. A friend at work has recommended your restaurant as a great experience. Rick Woodyard and family rave about your restaurant. We look forward to the visit, arriving 9/16/06 for a wonderful week. See you soon, Susie - Susie Gretzinger

You are viewing 97 - 104 out of 131
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