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Lees Inlet Kitchen is the best seafood restaurant in Murrells Inlet.
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We just returned from a week at the Faircield Ocean Blvd resort in Myrtle Beach. Our dinner at Lee's Inlet Kitchen was the highlight of the trip. And those hishpuppies! OMG they are awesome. I was raised on the Gulf coast and never met a hush puppy I didn't like, but these were love at first bite! I almost embarr#@*%!ed myself I ate so many. The food was great and the service better. The BEST place we ate all week. We will be back, I even took cards back to the resort to leave with the concierge so he could also recommend it. :-) - Martha Broyles

My husband and I first visited your resturant in July of 2002 and it was wonderful then and has always been since. We later found out that his father and his grandfather would frequent it in past years also. So Lee's Inlet Kitchen is not only "our" favorite resturant but it is also became a family tradition. The service and food is always the BEST and looking forward to seeing you this summer. :-) - Sheri Rowell

My family & I have eaten at Lee's Inlet Kitchen from the time it was in the original building throughout your additions and the restoration. The great food and great service prevails. I always eat at Lee's whenever we are in Myrtle Beach, I have to be forced to go to another restaurant even for one lunch. Lee's Inlet Kitchen has the best broiled seafood platter in the world! And my dear mother loved your fried oyster platter. - Marilyn Milam

This is our absolute favorite restaurant in the Myrtle Beach area. My husband's family has been coming to this restaurant for 40+ years and now we are carrying on the tradition. We've been tempted many times to drive the 7 1/2 hours from Knoxville just to get a meal at Lee's Inlet Kitchen. We will be there in a couple of weeks and will be able to introduce my parents to the best place in Myrtle Beach! - Kim Butler

Have been eating at Lee's Inlet Kitchen since the early '60s with my parents. There's a lot more restaurants to choose from at Murrells now, but that's OK, it let's me get into Lee's for some great seafood all the quicker. Let the tourists go for the pirate flags and shipwrecks, I know better. - T. Gravely

I was raised in Georgetown and ate at Lees as a child. I alway come to Lee's to eat when I am in the area. It is always great. My mother begged Mrs. Lee for her hushpuppy recipe and my wife got it from her. We enjoy those at home whenever we have seafood here. :-) - Steve Vassar

Hello everyone! I really like this site! :) - Lora

I haven't been to your resturant in over a year. I miss you all alot. Take care and a very safe and Happy 4th of July, to all - jeanette long

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