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Lees Inlet Kitchen is the best seafood restaurant in Murrells Inlet.
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my family and I have eaten at Lee's for many years. We were worried that you might be closed this past week but you came through on Friday. Dinner, as always, was perfection. From the warm,, lightly crispy, slightly sweet hushpuppies to the fresh, colorful salads, through the entire meal, everything was hot and very good. Man, I"d sure like to get some more of those good hushpuppies..... Oh well, I digress. The service from the hostess to the busboys was excellent. Every one was extremely nice and willing to help. It's so nice to know that we can depend on excellence on every level from your restaurant. - Donna Blake

We looked you up on Google to see if you were still there. We visited Myrtle Beach every year from 1977 to 1990 with 3 or 4 other couples and all of our kids. Lee's was always one of our dinner locations. The onion rings were the best we ever tasted! We don't get there anymore but if and when we do, we'll stop by for sure. Pam & Jim Brown - Pam & Jim Brown

are you go to be open on feb. 22, 2010. because i might want to eat dinner there that night. sincerely, joy - joy westman

Not sure why it put p#@*%!ed in my other post as it wasn't a bad word. :confused: Anyway, I've told others to eat there when they go to Myrtle. :-) - Jenny

A friend recommended you to us and others and we got a group of 17 together and came out to eat there last Saturday night. The food was excellent! The service was excellent. They got the food out timely. I was amazed how quickly they were able to serve us all. All said their meal was excellent. The tables are just the right size so that even with a group that large you can easily hear and talk with everyone. I plan to make it an annual event from now on and I've already p#@*%!ed on the recommend to others. :-) - Jenny

We were in Georgetown with some friends a couple of weeks ago and went to Lees for dinner. It was great. Love the way the fried shrimp is fixed. Everything was excellent. We will be going to Myrtle Beach in a few weeks and are planning on stopping for lunch or dinner. Can't wait. - Elaine Richter

Gotta comment. I had my "usual" this year (2009), and couldn't help but notice the honey butter for the hushpuppies didn't seem to have quite as much honey as before. Everything else was great, but please don't cut back on anything. I'd rather see a small price increase than a compromise on your wonderful food. - A lifelong visitor

My trip to Myrtle Beach is never complete without eating at Lee's at least twice. Best hushpuppies on the planet. Everyone in my family has loved Lee's for years. Can't wait to see you in September!!! - Robyn

You are viewing 65 - 72 out of 131
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